One world. Many voices.™

About Us

Welcome to VoiceFire, a small web application with a big goal: to create the ultimate compendium of world voices. If you are new here, you may wish to learn about how VoiceFire works below. You may also browse our other company pages for information about our organization and team.

The Basic Idea

VoiceFire is a social opinion engine where people gather together to share, discover, and discuss their beliefs.

VoiceFire is essentially a democracy. Anyone on VoiceFire can add a voice. Anyone else can express their agreement (or disagreement) with that voice. VoiceFire adds up all the votes, and the most universal voices rise to the top. It’s that simple.

Global «-» Local

VoiceFire is designed to enable users to discover what people in any particular region value most.

Every time a person shares their voice on VoiceFire, it gets counted not only in the world, but also in the particular city, state, and country in which they live.

You can explore the World tab to discover what both global and local communities are voicing on VoiceFire.

Going Beyond

VoiceFire is more than just a collection of voices. VoiceFire is a vital community where people can share ideas and connect with other like-minded individuals. Founded on core principles of equality and inclusivity, VoiceFire aims to establish a common ground where anyone in the world can share their voice and be heard.

What is important to you? Politics, religion, sports, entertainment, the environment, relationships - all of these topics are voiced on VoiceFire. And for people who really want to get into it, VoiceFire perspectives and discussion groups allow members to discuss the finer points of any issue. VoiceFire also makes it easy to send a voice out to a list of friends or communities, thereby encouraging other individuals to add their opinions to the mix.

Site Features

See our screenshots page for more information about these features:

  • Explore World Voices - Browse world and regional voices.
  • Share Your Perspective - Agree or disagree with voices and add perspectives.
  • Ask Your Friends - Send voices to friends and discover who agrees with you.
  • Profiles, Communities, and More - Upload a profile and connect with new people.

Coming Soon

  • Explore the Map - Explore voices and stats in a zoomable map view.
  • Full-featured Wiki support - Visually edit your voice with easy wiki controls.
  • Video and richer photo support - Upload videos and photos.