One world. Many voices.™

Our Team

VoiceFire currently consists of a small but passionate team of individuals who believe in the power of the Internet to transform the world. We work hard at our jobs and we love what we do. If you think you can add to our team, please contact us.

Jeremy Kassis, Chief Engineer

Jeremy Kassis

As our co-founder and resident tech guru, Jeremy is reponsible for doing the real work on VoiceFire. Jeremy brings over ten years of web application development expertise to our team, including several years as a web application developer for Stanford MedNet, and 3 years as a solutions architect for EAI startup Netfish. Jeremy continued on at IONA technologies after a $270MM buyout of Netfish, and then set off on his own. Jeremy received his education from Stanford University, where he pursued a degree of his own design, entitled Computational Molecular Nanotechnology.

Erik Burns, User Interface

Erik Burns

As the co-founder and chief visual engineer, Erik is responsible for developing the user interface, from comp to code. Prior to VoiceFire, Erik worked with the award-winning web design firm Gotomedia, servicing technical clients such as WebEx, LiveOps, and Symantec. Erik received his early experience as a software project manager with the biocomputing startup Neomorphic, which was purchased by Affymetrix for $70MM. Erik received his B.S. from Stanford University (with honors and distinction) in 1999, and likes to tickle the ivories.

John Weller, Community Voice

John Weller

As a passionate naturalist and wildlife photographer, John is responsible for developing the Last Ocean community on VoiceFire. With myriad contacts in the non-profit sector, John also helps recruit other important communities into the VoiceFire network. John’s full bio is coming soon.



Our advisors have helped shape VoiceFire into what it is today.

Conceptual Development

Our Conceptual Development Advisors help us answer the big questions. Thanks to John Weller and Saralyse Kissler for helping us refine the core concept, and for countless hands-on improvements to the user interface. Thanks to Peter Loomis and Kelly Goto for help in the early stages of the project, and for invaluable guidance on the front-end. Robert Armas and Sunil Saha were our “earliest investors” and continue to provide excellent moral support.

User Feedback

Special thanks to Robert Armas, Hannah Caminos, Jin Jung, Joan Kassis, Cynthia Liu, Kay Luo, Sara Takahashi, and John Weller - you each continue to provide sound advice precisely when we need it most. Keep it coming!

Business Advisory

Special thanks to Johan Dowdy for providing exceptional IT support and for providing the only free hi-bandwidth co-lo hosting option this side of Texas. Thanks to Dave Campbell for helping us with our incorporation, and for introducing us to the White & Lee family. Thanks to Don Ochoa for being smooth like butta’, and for helping us extend the dream across the world. Soma, we’re going to look you up when VoiceFire makes it to India.

And to the entire town of Santa Cruz, thanks for providing such a fantastic community in which to co-create. Viva las artistas!