One world. Many voices.™


Browse our VoiceFire features screenshots below. Many of our site features are available to guests, but to get the complete experience you will need to sign up for a VoiceFire account.

Explore World Voices


VoiceFire makes it easy to browse voices. You can search in the world or in a given country, state, or town, or browse the voices in specific communities. You can also visit your friends’ pages to discover the topics and ideas that they find important.

Every voice on VoiceFire has a statistics bar beneath it that shows how many people have agreed or disagreed with that voice. Just click “learn more” to explore the rich network of responses and meet the people involved in any voice on VoiceFire.

Add Your Voice


Click the “speak out” button to explain why you agree or disagree with a voice. Your response will show up as part of the discussion and will also appear in your custom My Voice section of VoiceFire.

Browse other members responses and quickly understand the arguments for or against any given voice. Click the “endorse” button next to the arguments you find most useful, and discuss your conclusions with other members.

Ask Your Friends


Get your friends involved! VoiceFire friends and communities features allow you to quickly send a given voice out to a list and find out which friends and communities agree (or disagree) most with your views, and why.

Your friends can send voices to you too. Just check your personal messages for incoming voices and other private messages from friends.

Profiles, Communities, More


VoiceFire comes with all the fixings of your favorite social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Just click on any user’s photo to visit their profile, browse their voices, see their stats, and invite them to join your VoiceFire network.

VoiceFire also helps you find new people and communities that might be of interest to you. Get involved and start making a difference!